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Tyson Pope Inspiration Award

In his short time with the Chestermere Chiefs, Tyson Pope touched many hearts.  His witty sense of humor and his determination to fight and face challenges head on were admired. Tyson’s willingness to never give up is a trait we all aspire to have.  Tyson’s love of life and desire to overcome adversity will serve as a true inspiration to all members the Chestermere Chiefs Family for a long time to come.  To honor Tyson’s spark and his love of life, we are announcing the Tyson Pope Inspiration Award.

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Chiefs Scholarship

Each year the Chestermere Chiefs will be awarding 2 scholarships to deserving alumni to support post-secondary education.   The “Chiefs Scholarship” is $500. Candidates must meet certain criteria to be considered. 

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How to apply for a scholarship

What you need to include in your email submission: 


  • A copy of your Alberta Highschool Transcripts, or similar document from other jurisdictions where required

  • A letter from a coach, manager or other Chestermere Chiefs official indicating the candidate’s participation, and contribution to the club

  • A resume which should list, at a minimum, the years in which you were involved with the Chestermere Chiefs and in what capacities, any awards you may have received, and descriptions of any volunteer work.

  • A 1-page single-spaced cover letter explaining why you believe that you are a deserving recipient of this scholarship.  Included subsection addressing each of the following points:

    • What post-secondary institution have you chosen to attend and why?  What program have you chosen to study and why?

    • What have you done to prepare yourself for your chosen post-secondary school and program?

    • In what ways has participation in the Chestermere Chiefs program contributed to your personal development and growth?  How will you transfer your learnings from your time as a Chief to your life moving forward?​

    • If you are applying for the Tyson Pope Inspiration Award, please include what inspirational qualities you feel you share with Tyson

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