What you need to include in your email submission: 

  • A copy of your Alberta Highschool Transcripts, or similar document from other jurisdictions where required

  • A letter from a coach, manager or other Chestermere Chiefs official indicating the candidate’s participation, and contribution to the club

  • A resume which should list, at a minimum, the years in which you were involved with the Chestermere Chiefs and in what capacities, any awards you may have received, and descriptions of any volunteer work.

  • A 1-page single-spaced cover letter explaining why you believe that you are a deserving recipient of this scholarship.  Included subsection addressing each of the following points:

    • What post-secondary institution have you chosen to attend and why?  What program have you chosen to study and why?

    • What have you done to prepare yourself for your chosen post-secondary school and program?

    • In what ways has participation in the Chestermere Chiefs program contributed to your personal development and growth?  How will you transfer your learnings from your time as a Chief to your life moving forward?​

    • If you are applying for the Tyson Pope Inspiration Award, please include what inspirational qualities you feel you share with Tyson

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